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Join us each week as we continue to provide you with a variety of incredible spiritual subjects to listen to. Our focus is to share guidance and wisdom to help you along on your unique spiritual path.

Each show, anyone may submit one question for Alfred to answer during the 2nd part of the radio show. Part one will be a spiritual teaching.

We will still air Classic Replays of Hans King's shows. When we're airing a Classic Replay, we'll indicate it on this radio show page. NOTE: Any questions submitted during a replay week will be held for the next new show.

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This Week's Show is a Video Lesson with Alfred Ricci

This week's show will air on:
Saturday, October 18 2019
10:00 A.M. PT / 1:00 P.M. ET

Anyone, anywhere can listen from here:

Topic: Money

What is the value of money in our lives? There are two ways we can view money: 1) to fulfill our immediate desires; 2) or to follow our true purpose in life. What if we recognized that Guidance was our greatest asset?

When we let go of the temporary things—what our minds tell us is of value—we become available for the opportunities that Spirit brings to us. Remember, money doesn’t buy miracles. It’s our connection to Spirit that allows us to recognize the miracles that are occurring in our lives on a regular basis.

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