Hans Christian King, 75, passed away peacefully on January 16, 2019, at his home in Rancho Mirage, California. Born in Los Angeles on February 15, 1943, Hans Christian King showed remarkable mediumistic and psychic ability as a young boy, often shocking those around him with revelations that sprang from his gift of intuition. It wasn't until Hans served in the US Navy and was directed at seventeen-years-old to be a staff counselor that the full effect of his guidance emerged. After a difficult childhood, Harry Douglas King adopted Hans, an event that changed the trajectory of his life. Douglas understood and supported Hans's gift and encouraged him in broadening his abilities. As a result, Hans attended the prestigious College of Psychic Studies in London, England, where those abilities were tested and trained, allowing him to hone his skills further.


Hans moved many times in his life, at one point owning a popular boutique hotel in Carmel, California, where he would often cook for the patrons. Over the ensuing decades, he and his adoptive father spread their time between Mexico, Asheville, North Carolina, and Palm Springs, California. Hans's professional career as a respected spiritual medium took him throughout the country and across the world as a teacher, lecturer, and spiritual advisor. His unique ability to put people at ease, coupled with his sharp wit and loving demeanor, brought people back again and again to experience his extraordinary gifts. Over the years, his clients numbered in the thousands and included businesspeople, politicians, celebrities, and clergy. With an ongoing internet presence, as well as guest appearances on radio and television, Hans was a popular speaker at innumerable events. Though his work exposed him to those from every level of society, he was most comfortable mixing with everyday folk. His humble and approachable nature endeared him to many and made him a trusted counselor and friend. Over his 60 year career, Hans has been considered one of the most respected mediums and spiritual teachers in the world.


In recent years, Hans was a beloved and frequent presence at the Agape International Spiritual Center in Southern California, a place he considered his spiritual home. During this time, he realized a long-held dream by opening the Hans King School of Mediumship in Asheville, and publishing his book "Guided: Reclaiming the Intuitive Voice of Your Soul." Assisting him greatly in his later work was his partner of thirteen years, Alfred Ricci. Hans left an impact far more significant than he knew. As he was so often fond of saying when a loved one was lost, "They are not going anywhere that we won't be going eventually." Hans, we will see you there.