Audio and Video Classes

"Change your perception and change your life"
~Hans King

Below we offer profound ways to change your life for the better.
Let Hans King guide you to who you really are.

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Intuitive Development Video Class

This course is the foundation of Hans King's teachings. The three Intuitive Development Classes in this course form the basis for personal communication with Spirit. Upon completion, you will have hands on experience with requesting and receiving information from Spirit and will understand how to use Guidance in your everyday personal decision processes.

Soul Mate Relationships Video Class

Hans King discusses the purposes of having a relationship with different types of soul mates: family, friends, animals, and the all too important—soul mate lovers. Each type of soul mate brings to us a different message, which was agreed upon before you arrived in human form. Hans reviews the importance of your reciprocal agreements. Of course, Hans explains your search for a soul mate lover and how to communicate your desires with Spirit.


Modern Abundance Video Class

Is Abundance available for everyone? The answer is a resounding YES! This video class will guide you toward a new understanding of prosperity, as Hans teaches you that we each have a right to abundance. All that you need is already here waiting for you, even if the appearance seems otherwise.

Audio Lessons

Let the compassionate voice of Hans King change your life.
Enjoy these lessons at home or take them with you.
Listen in your car or walking along the beach.
Relax and surrender into the possibilities of your life.


You are Enough Audio Lessons

This digital 3 CD set is one of Hans's personal favorite products! By revealing that you were born with everything you need, Hans King gently leads you back to you. God did not make a mistake. You were born according to your path in life. What you enjoy, what you like, what you're good at - are all part of your uniqueness. By adding more to your life, you may be moving away from your Self. Maybe all you need to do is discover that you already have all that you need to successfully experience and participate in this lifetime.

Communicating with Spirit Audio Lessons

The following subject is one of the greatest hits from Hans King's acclaimed CD set "Stop Searching and Start Living." Hans walks you through ten steps to learn how to communicate with Spirit.


Angels: Audio Lesson

Hans explains what Angels are, why are they in your life, and how you can work with them to better your life.

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