Who is Hans King?

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Hans Christian King, author of "GUIDED: Reclaiming the Intuitive Voice of Your Soul," was a true modern day mystic. He was a direct voice medium and metaphysics expert, specializing in channeling and spirit communication. His ability to communicate with the Spirit realm and work in partnership with his Guidance helped over 60,000 clients in private readings over sixty plus years.

Gifted with the rare ability to bridge the gap between the physical and the spiritual worlds, Hans literally walked in both worlds. A very important part of his work was devoted to providing comfort to those who have lost loved ones, as he brought them powerful and personal messages from the other side. Hans also taught a wide range of classes, including an intensive series of Intuitive Development classes to help you connect with your own intuition.

Hans believed that everyone is born with intuitive gifts and he was deeply committed to his mission of teaching others how to discover their own connection to Spirit. As an author, Hans was a gifted storyteller with a lifetime of experience in metaphysics, He appeared on numerous radio and television shows, including his own weekly radio show "Guidance For Your Life, Wisdom For Your Soul."

Hans spoke with extraordinary compassion on such a deeply personal level that that audiences across the world fell in love with his simple, yet powerful message.

Hans was greatly humbled by the comfort, healing, and love brought through him. He had very little ego, and was the first to say that he did nothing, but by the grace of God and Spirit.